Founded by Hans Peters, ComPeters inc was established in 1998 and continues to create, program, and support software systems for the Utility and Mapping Industry.  Based out of Kitchener, we stay close to the University of Waterloo which is our source of talented programmers.  We provide consulting for all software related endeavors, software design, configuration and set-up, or recommending and providing the ideal hardware options for your solution. At our core, ComPeters is a high-end custom software design firm that has the skills to build your company’s automated processes.  We identify your software needs and create accurate goals which we aim to achieve together.  We provide a project tracking plan to help keep everything on time and ensure deadlines.  Time is important, and so is our ability to provide high-end programing.  High-end programming enables more efficient time management and increased production for the design, implementation, and evaluation of software systems.  We have created a variety of custom software programs such as UMS 1.0, UtiLocate 2, Omnigrid, Street light Repair and more.  These programs have a variety of abilities such as tracking utility pole conditions, detecting outages quickly, or managing locates from Ontario One Call.

ComPeters inc is a proud member of the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA) and has been since its inception in 2006.  We have been and are involved with the various committees of the ORCGA such as Best Practices, Reporting and Evaluation (DIRT), and Events.  Our flagship product, UtiLocate 2, is a locate management software that connects to Ontario One Call through FTP and receives all your locate request information in an organized manner and has it quickly ready for completion.  Our program has the industry leading drawing tool which helps speed up the process of completing detailed sketches with increased speed and efficiency.  We invest our time into these associations and non-profit services so that we can be a valued source of information to our clients.  We work for you.

We focus on function and ease of use as an essential part to the design of our programs.  Our programming ideals are focused on researching and finding the best solutions that everyone’s needs differ slightly and depend on a variety of factors.  Hence, customization of software to help envelop your needs is our strength as well as over delivering and hard work.  From design and construction of our own custom projects to debugging and improving a variety of various projects, ComPeters inc. is your all around experts for software, hardware, and anything computers.