UtiLocate 2 is a Locates Management system for performing locates, private and/or public.  It is compatible with any One Call system and streamlines the entire process from receiving to response.  Whether you’re on office manager, dispatcher or field staff, UtiLocatw 2 will take the strain off your locate process.  UtiLocate 2 runs on windows XP, & and 8 and can run on the Lenovo Thinkpad 2 tablet.  Complete locates and sketches quicker and easier than ever before.  Spend your time locating, not doing the paperwork.  UtiLocate 2 will minimize your labour, improve your process and save you money overall.  Full Support for UtiLocate 2 is provided by ComPeters inc. and we customize our software around your needs.
UExcavate UExcavate is coming soon. A web based application for excavators that helps alleviate the stress of managing locates. Stay ahead of expiring locates so you don’t miss a day of digging or have to pay for emergency locates. Enjoy the ability to print off locates if the hard copy gets loss or dirty. Store all your locates and utility information so you know how to call next time. Uexcavate is preloaded with a list of potential utilities in each city in Ontario as a guide for who to call. Don’t dig without it., YOU DIG?
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