Leveraging Technology to Speed Up Locates

Using tech to reduce damages and improve effiencies



"The locate industry is always under pressure to improve, whether that’s reducing damages or doing more locates in an allocated time. Locators in the field are put under pressure to perform quickly, but they are also liable to ensure that their locates are accurate. Safety is the number one goal, and we don’t want to compromise on that, but if we can help staff out in the field complete locates faster, then everyone benefits. Across North America, there are backlogs of public locates and there doesn’t seem to be a way to reduce the backlog other than completing more locates."

Shane Hart our CEO wrote this article for the 2022 Winter Issue of dp-PRO magazine! It includes 8 ways to leverage technology to reduce damages and improve your utility locate processes.

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We’re here to help

Utilocate simplifies complex locate ticket management processes, reduces errors from manual reporting, and allows field workers to collect data at the source, and automatically report on it throughout the locate. Our software is purpose built to make locating easier, improve reporting, save time and money and ensure regulatory compliance by allowing all users to leverage its feature-rich locate management functionality. We help all kinds of customers improve their locate process including public and private utility owners, small and large locating companies and anyone else involved in damage prevention. We’re passionate about protecting critical infrastructure and the communities that our customers serve.

About Utilocate

Utilocate is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) locate management platform developed by Ground Breaking Solutions for utility owners, locate comanies and municipalities. It is a cost-effective, easy to use, platform that simplifies locate management through a powerful combination of intuitive UI,  mature code base,  GIS integration and Asset Management. More than 100 clients use Utilocate to save time and money on locate ticket management, and compliance reporting. Purpose-built to improve locate precision and reliability, Utilocate helps clients use industry best practices to ensure their locates are completed accurately and quickly.

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