Alberta’s Changing


Alberta's making big changes in the locate industry

Alberta One Call has joined forces with the Alberta Common Ground Alliance and Where’s the Line? campaign to become Utility Safety Partners!

This big step will improve locate processes, safety and awareness. We at Competers (as members of the ORCGA) are excited for this move and know that our current clients in Alberta are going to benefit from this partnership!


Our UtiLocate system was first brought to Alberta when the City of Lethbridge joined us in 2019. During that installation UtiLocate was adapted and optimized for the Alberta locate completion process. UtiLocate brings efficiency gains and automation to any organization completing public locates and has since been equipped to process any private locates as well.



Complete Locate Management Software which helps you achieve time and cost savings as well as simplification of processes.

  • Auto-emailing,
  • 360 response,
  • Office Clears
  • Sketching Tool
  • Map corrections
  • JPEG mgmt
  • Text Notifications
  • ESRI & Google maps
  • Integrated app
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