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Phase 3
Let's regroup, test and answer any questions you might have

Phase 4
Successful delivery - we'll let you get some hand on experience!

We're never really finished as we'll always be there to support and continue development with you!

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Phase 1
We use the MoSCoW Method to discover what you want, need and don't need in your app

Phase 2
Our development team will work together to design and implement software which meets your requirements


Have an idea to expore? Want to automate your work process but aren’t sure how or what’s needed? Contact us and we’ll get you started. We help to identify your company’s needs, build requirements to fit those needs, and bring your idea to life.

Our approach is to put our clients first. We step in your shoes and give you the best possible solution. We have been developing custom programs, system designs and consulting for over 20 years. We solve problems, it’s that simple!

Poor software construction? Are your programs sluggish and infested? We are troubleshooting experts at ComPeters inc and will help you find your problem and fix it. we conduct performance testing and help find ways to make your software better.

With over 20 years of experience, ComPeters provides the best support in the industry. We’re there when you’re system need us, 24/7. Anything is possible when you combine hard work with high end programming.



Football Droid

We created Football Droid to predict NFL results using an evolutionary/genetic algorithm. The genetic algorithm applied to predicting NFL outcomes Create Creatures to pick winners of the games. Then repeat for each generation. Have the creatures make picks on historical data where we know the results but the creatures don’t. Kill off the 50% of the population with the lowest percentage of correct picks. Create new creatures using the top 50% as parents while introducing some randomness.

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