2022 ORCGA Damage Prevention Symposium

The 2022 ORCGA Damage Prevention Symposium has gone VIRTUAL We’ll be at our virtual booth, ready to answer your questions about damage prevention software solutions!!  REGISTER HERE: ORCGA.COM/EVENTS

Call 811!

Appreciation post for our 811 and One Call Centers! Thank you for your efforts 👏  811 doesn’t work though if you don’t use the service. Utilocate makes it easier than ever to connect with 811 and One Call centers through our software automation. Last year, failure to call 811 resulted in 84,918 damages to US utilities! We hope you commit …


Decode colored lines which mark utilities underground Subterranean infrastructure and utility lines are marked using a color coordinated system which allows contractors and locators to easily identify what lies beneath. This handy guide aims to explain what these colors mean and where they came from. This system was first developed and deployed in California after a fatal accident (2) in …

Everybody Matters

AaRON WITT FROM BUILDWITT RECENTLY SHARED THIS excerpt from “Everybody Matters” by Bob ChapmaN, which reads:”We embraced this new vision of safety, and within a year, worker’s compensation costs declined by half and have remained below industry averages. Why? Because we inspired safety instead of simply informing people about safe practices and inspecting for them.We did it from a place …

Happy New Year!

  2022 is shaping up to be a great year for us with lots of new features coming in our software. Safety is our number one priority for 2022 and we want to help eliminate risks continuing to evolve our locate automation software: Utilocate (for Locators) and UExcavate (for Excavators) We’ll keep you posted as we launch new features like our routing system, …

Utilocate Features!

Check out these features which make Utilocate the multitool of the locate game! for more info


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Alberta’s Changing

Alberta’s making big changes in the locate industry Alberta One Call has joined forces with the Alberta Common Ground Alliance and Where’s the Line? campaign to become Utility Safety Partners! This big step will improve locate processes, safety and awareness. We at Competers (as members of the ORCGA) are excited for this move and know that our current clients in Alberta are …

45 Day Free Trial

GET OUT OF YOUR EMAILS Sign up today for UExcavate! It organizes all your locate information, documents, and dig windows in 1 place. It will automate the merging process so all of your documents are combined into 1 PDF, saving you time and money! Start your free trial now   SIGN UP PROCESS! Go to ​ At bottom of page …