our new website is here!! Have a look around –

Hey BC we’re coming

Competers Inc representatives Kyle Winters and Daryl Robinson will be at the @canadagaslng in Vancouver on August 23 – 25, 2021. We’re a software firm that specializes in automating your locate processes with our software packages UtiLocate and UExcavate. Look for the bright blue shirts and ask them; how they can help you?

New UExcavate website just launched!

Check out the new website here

New Web Portal

Ontario One Call are launching a new web portal in 2022! Make sure you are up to date for it We’ve got you covered at Competers: let us help you digitise your locate processes with our UtiLocate and UExcavate automation software.

Check out the new UtiLocate website

Check out the new website for utilocate our locate coordination software right here